The Manorial Society
of Great Britain
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Outline of the Manorial Society of Great Britain

FOUNDED IN 1906, the Society is an association of Lords of the Manor, peers, historians. and others.   The Society produces an occasional Bulletin, periodic papers, and books mentioned elsewhere.

Social functions are held as more particularly shown in the photographs on this website.


Members of the Society are entitled to wear the insignia of the Society at formal functions, or at functions where they are invited as representatives of the Society when decorations are worn, or when they are at functions on their Manor.

Illuminated Certificates of Manorial membership may also be issued and arrangements made for those Lords who have Coats of Arms to have banners made for use at formal functions of the Society.

Membership of the Society is either £50.00 a year or £500.00 Life Membership.

Lords or Ladies of the Manor may style themselves thus: 'The Lord/Lady of the Manor of' or 'The Lord/Lady of'.   The preposition 'of' must be retained to differentiate from a title of peerage.   A letter of confirmation may be obtained from the Society for those Members who wish to use their manorial style in official documents.

Governing Council: The Earl of Shannon, Lord Sudeley MA (Oxon) FSA, Sir Desmond de Silva QC PC KStJ, C R Humphery-Smith OBE FSA, G F Rand FSA (Scot), Denis B Woodfield DPhil (Oxon) MA (US Chairman), Bruce King-Siem JP (Australia), John Moore BA FRHistS, Robert Smith OStJ BA (Chairman of the Council).

Membership of the Society:  A condition of membership for the Society is that one must hold a Lordship of the Manor or Feudal Barony. Membership may be available to academics, clergy, and others on an honorific basis.

If you would like to join the Society please send a copy of your conveyance or other proof of title and we will forward a membership application package.


The Manorial Society of Great Britain will record Arms in its Register of Arms for Members.

Address: Manorial Society of Great Britain, 104 Kennington Road, London SE11 6RE; tel: 020-7735-6633; email: www.manorial@msgb.co.uk.