Garden Party 10th July The Queens Golden Jubilee

The Garden Party at The Royal Hospital, Chelsea, on 10th July 2002, to mark the Queen's  Golden Jubilee, will include all leaders of local authorities, lord lieutenants and high sheriffs in the United Kingdom, together with Lords of the Manor.

Royal Government would not have been - and indeed is still not - possible without the consent and support of the people, and local administration has a long an honourable tradition, dating back to the reign of Alfred the Great (Sheriffs), the 1190's (coroners), the 14th century (Justices of the Peace), the 16th century (Lord Lieutenants), and susequent vestry local government until the Municipal Corporation Act (1835), Country Councils act (1888), and later legislation. Manorial Lords predate all of these officials.

Our local institutions have evolved down the centuries and have survived because they work. The Monarchy remains the fulcrum of national and local government, and the Garden Party is a way to recall this and to bring together men and women whose ethos is service to their communities



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