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Founded 1906

*        About the Manorial Society of Great Britain

The Society was founded in 1906 and is an association of holders of Manors, peers, and historians

*        Advice on buying a manorial title

How to avoid the pitfalls and ensure your purchase of a manorial title goes smoothly

*        Photo gallery

Pictures of some social events held by the Society and attended by members

*        Purchasing a title through Manorial Auctioneers

This is really a section about what to do, starting by obtaining a Catalogue of Lordships for sale

*        Historical publishing

The Society has published numerous books over the years, and about 12 are still in print and available

*        Announcement of available Lordships and Baronies

Current titles for sale


Reception at St James’s Palace to mark publication of our latest book The Reign of King George II, 1727-1760

Pictures of Reception available to order here


At the edge of the world

At the Edge of the World is a history of the peoples of the British Isles from the Fall of the Roman Empire in the West (AD410) to the death of King William the Conqueror (1087). The first 45 Episodes (at approx 18 minutes an Episode) will start running weekly in September 2014. Written and presented by Robert Smith, Chairman of the Manorial Society of Great Britain.


*        Watch the trailer on YouTube


*        Watch the introductory teaser epsiode on YouTube

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